He Came and Went

The floral print on delicate thread dances around her wrists

A scent of matching fragrance blooms in whiffs by angry fists

A storm of passion sings its tune in agonizing screams

Careless words don’t balance up on lifted tight rope beams

She expected better, but in the end, that was her mistake

So did he, a plot twist felt like the turning of a stake

The reality of the destruction hid but tapped along the way

Small reminders shoved aside, hushed with much to say

A blue can in each hand, deja vu again

Two worlds entangled aching over what had or could have been

A nightmare comes to halt and the puddles fill to brim

Awakened to a lonely bed stretched out limb to limb

Day one aches, day two breaks but here is day nineteen

Twenty five, eighty five passes with the screams

The sunrise has her beauty back, again she feels alive

Hopeful, peaceful, confidently passing through year five.



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