Dressed For Thieves

What’ll it be, she says to me, distortion on her face

An ebony cloak to mask the keen, or a fragile kind of lace?

Heel to toe, a jagged slope, for distance is but linear

I’ll dive to spare the tortured air that grasps as I fall in with her

Free fall begins and as I descend, a gravitational wizard

To cope the depths, an angry mess of blacked out white space blizzards

A stillness rocked through years of biting, sinking into graves

Mild height through shadow’s sight, locked inside a maze

Come ye faithful, tread your waters low and by the light

A figurative line as you rewind,  blended within the night

Make your wish and deeds you’ll do, for waiting out your life

Burns your bridges, cuts your rope hold sharply like a knife

Envy is born for her glimmer and shine but she dances with five strings

Eager to thrive, she’s burned alive and glows among her ‘things’








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