Blinded By Whiteness

He clenched his tortured fits and dropped down to his knees

An aching melody of violent wind intrudes upon the trees

A blend of pine and chamomile amidst the piercing breeze

Collected finally, aggravation halts into peace

Dragged through life, a dreamer taken years before his break

A majestic human masterpiece robbed by no mistake

Do you know a life devoid of privilege for birthright’s sake

You’ll find a lifeless boy who had,  twelve years before his wake

Brown eyed child buried deep beneath the tear stained floor

Melanated humans slain, a thought you should abhor

We’ve closed our lips and hid our faces hoping to ignore

A tragic life we have not felt, we have not suffered for

Be and do and think in ways as if you had no choice

To silence screams by apathy is a wretched use of voice

Do not drown out the indignation with tears and pitiful noise

In a black man’s world, you will not hear that boys will just be boys






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